Lakeland Leadership

"Mahne has the experience to understand what the customer wants and really helps to add clarity to the process to ensure he hits all objectives. He delivers above and beyond giving pre, during and post support with clear communication throughout and is adept at managing senior stakeholders, making it an enjoyable experience for all involved. Ultimately, he always delivers a quality video that people will want to watch again!”

Topic and Brief

Egremont, a change management global consultancy, designed and delivered a Leadership Development Programme that redefined what leadership meant for Lakeland, the creative kitchenwear retailer. Egremont approached us to commission a case study video to capture the essence of their Leadership Development Transformation Programme.


From the start, it was clear that the Lakeland staff were emotionally invested in the Egremont programme which had given them personal confidence and personal growth as much as it was about corporate transformation and it was our job to capture this and distil within a 3 minute video.


The transformative results of the Egremont Leadership Development Programme with Lakeland is now captured as a video used across both Lakelands’ internal comms (I’m not sure if this is true – they have the option to, but I don’t know if they will/have) and for Egremont to utilise on their website to showcase to future clients and awards submissions demonstrating (you had showcasing twice in the sentence but you may prefer a different word here) the impact of their work in real time.